Southwest Candle Supply offers the highest quality waxes for candle making, including soy blend, paraffin and natural waxes.

Our SW-5801 is a wonderful combination of 30% soy wax,  food grade 70% paraffin and also proprietary ingredients.

Our SW-8515 is a great combination of 85% Paraffin and 15% Soy.

Our SW-5400 is a paraffin wax that is a single pour wax that you can custom blend with 100% soy and make your own perfect wax.

Our waxes provide excellent cold and hot scent throw and there is no need for cure time.

We also carry the Golden Wax 464 - 100% Soy wax for containers. It is always best to cure this wax for 2 to 3 days before burning your candle.

We carry the EcoSoya Q230 Pillar wax (100% vegetable wax made with soybean and botanical oils).  This wax is great for all molded candles such as votives, pillars and tarts!

Due to the extreme heat in Texas we will not ship our waxes over the weekend.  The shipment would have to stay in a hot warehouse during the shipping process and the wax would be melted before it was delivered.

Single Pour 70% Soy- 30% Paraffin Blend Wax - SW3000 - 60 lb. Case

CODE: SW300060lbCASE

In stock
Single Pour 70% Soy- 30% Paraffin Blend Wax - This wax is for containers only! 130 o F  Melting Point Melt wax to 180 o F, add in Dye... More
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