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Southwest Candle Supply sells a wide variety of containers and jars for your creations.  Whether it's jars for reed diffusers or specialty jars for candles, you can find it at Southwest Candle Supply.  If you don't see a specific type of jar that you're looking for, please don't hesitate to call and see if we have any in back stock or if we can order it for you.

All our jars are priced with LIDS!!

NOTE FOR CANDLE-MAKING CUSTOMERS:  The ASTM has declared that 175° F is the Maximum temperature that the candle container can be when the melt pool has been achieved on your candles.  Anything above this can be hazardous.  Please check your candles to comply with these standards.

1.5oz Classic Jar with Gold Lid - case of 12


In stock
Dodecagon jar with gold lid (45 ml) The Dimentions - diameter 1.5"  Height 1.5" Recommended Wick Size - CD 3 (Remember to always test) More

10 oz Creative Keepsake Jar with Glass Lid 395 ML- case of 12


In stock
10 oz Jar with Flat Glass Lid.  The dimensions - diameter 3.75", height 2.5"" Recommended Wick Size - 2 - RRD 37, 2- CD 8... More

11 oz Tureen w/ Gold Lids - case of 12


In stock
Weight 205 grams Dimensions - 2.5" H x 4 1/4" W 12 in a case

12 oz Mayo Jar - case of 12


In stock
Height:  4.75" Widest Diameter: 2.75" Remember always test test test!! More

12 oz Salsa Jar - case of 12/with Lid


In stock
This 12 oz Salsa jar can come with your choice of lid, Gold or Black. Dimension - 3" H x 3.25" W

16 oz Country Comfort Jar W/Flat Glass Lid - case of 12


In stock
This 16 oz Country Comfort comes with a Flat glass lid. Height 4", Diameter 4"

16 oz Square Mason Jar - case of 12


In stock
This 16 oz Square Mason can come with your choice of lid. Gold, Black, Antique Pewter or Rustic Bronze. Be sure and let us know what color lid you want in... More

3oz Tureen Jar with Black Lid - case of 12


In stock
Height:  1.67" Base Diameter: 3.04"  Widest Diameter: 3.04" Top Diameter: 2.35" Wax Capacity (to fill line): 2.8 oz Wax Capacity... More

5 oz County Kitchen Jar - case of 12


In stock
This 5 oz Country Kitchen comes with a glass bubble lid.

5 oz Flared Squared jar (6 in a case)


In stock
5 oz Flared Squared jar (6 in a case)
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